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They are playing @ 7:00 PM on July 23, 2008. I haven't been to a concert in a while and this is one that I can't miss. I have to see them live and they haven't been to Indy in like 10 years. Where ya been Dave? How exciting is that? I do miss a good show. It's gonna rock.
14th-Oct-2007 07:27 pm - Expel Celebration

Help me find the strength to stand alone. 
Help me find the strength to be silent. 
Help me find the strength to bloom. 
Help me find the strength to regenerate. 
Help me find the strength to feel whole. 
Help me find the strength to find unlimited movement. 
Help me find the strength to move. 
Help me find the strength to be joyous. 
Help me find protection. 
Help me find centeredness. 
Help me find expansiveness. 
Help me find perfection. 
Help me find success and good fortune. 
Help me share my experience.


Possess me with divinity. 
Possess me with mystery. 
Possess me with technique. 
Possess me with expertise. 
Possess me with knowledge. 
Possess me with energy. 
Possess me with all things. 
Possess me with all forms and structures. 
Possess me with openness. 
Possess me with expression. 
Possess me with the unknowable. 
Possess me with joy. 
Possess me with blessings. 
Possess me with quality. 
Possess me with activity. 
Possess me with an attitude. 
Possess me with love. 
Possess me with growth.  
Possess me with God. 
Possess my life. 
Possess what I do.


Help me to wait. 
Help me value the grain of sand. 
Help me to be alert. 
Help me to be patient. 
Help me to find an attitude. 
Help me to be content. 
Help me to not be anxious. 
Help me through all the phases. 
Help me to stay in tune. 
Help me to become one with the rhythms. 
Help me to be passive. 
Help me to let nature take course. 
Help me to not become tired or indifferent. 
Help me to become ready for something momentous. 
Help me through the mystery. 
Help me to remember. 
Help me not to abandon. 
Help me find the right moment. 
Help me blossom. 
Help me remain beautiful. 
Help me to trust in the new. 
Help me to keep growing. 
Help me to be authentic. 
Help me to shatter my personality. 
Help me to become a new woman. 
Help me to celebrate. 
Help me to know life's eternity.


Help me find a time and place for control. 
Help me not to become rigid. 
Help me not to become encased and unpenetrable. 
Help me not to mummify myself. 
Help me not to clench my fists. 
Help me not to stare blankly. 
Help me to always see. 
Help me not to divide and separate. 
Help me to keep my world alive. 
Help me to allow spontaneity. 
Help me to allow vulnerability. 
Help me to take a deep breathe. 
Help me to loosen my neck tie. 
Help me accept my mistakes. 
Help me see that it is o.k. 
Help me find things to be out of hand. 
Help me find more to life than being on top of things. 
Help me not to be nervous. 
Help me to be free from turmoil. 
Help me accept what comes. 
Help me have no expectations for the future. 
Help me to keep from remaining cold and frozen. 
Help me find life energy. 
Help me to allow my life energy to move. 
Help me to not be repressed. 
Help me to touch others while not touching them at all. 
Help me to see people and yet not see them. 
Help me to accept that nobody means anything. 
Help me to see the cliches. 
Help me to keep from avoiding the real encounter of two people. 
Help me to look into their eyes. 
Help me to hold their hand. 
Help me to feel their energy. 
Help me allow them to pour. 
Help me not to be afraid. 
Help me to do more than manage. 
Help me to be warm and alive. 
Help me to control less.


Help me untie the knots. 
Help me find my light within. 
Help me not to repress my own vitality. 
Help me not to meet so many trying demands and expectations. 
Help me not to give up on all my power in return for acceptance. 
Help me not to give up on my vision in return for acceptance. 
Help me not to be imprisoned by those who may accept me. 
Help me not to suppress my natural energy. 
Help me not to erupt. 
Help me find a healing outlet. 
Help me find a way to release my tensions. 
Help me find a way to release my stresses. 
Help me to release my energy. 
Help me shake my energy out. 
Help me keep from a catastrophe. 
Help me stop throwing things I can't control into the darkness. 
Help me face me inhibitions. 
Help me not to climax to insanity. 
Help me control my suppressions. 
Help me maintain sanity.


Help him look beyond what seems to be. 
Help him look beyond the door. 
Help him look beyond the illusion. 
Help him look out from his cage. 
Help him be summoned by grace. 
Help him be summoned by freedom. 
Help him find encouragement in others. 
Help him spread his wings for the first time. 
Help him to explore. 
Help him find the open door. 
Help him steady himself. 
Help him see the opportunity. 
Help him to be light-hearted. 
Help him to experience adventures offered. 
Help him to be sweet. 
Help him to be gentle. 
Help him to feel the fluttering. 
Help him to be free. 
Help him to experience all that is his. 
Help him to disappear into the beyond. 
Help him to stop clinging.


Help him move along the path. 
Help his concerns to fade. 
Help him start his journey. 
Help him start his pilgrimage. 
Help each of his steps to be important. 
Help him through the movement and change. 
Help him through physical movement. 
Help him through movement inside his way of being. 
Help him find adventure and growth. 
Help him not to struggle. 
Help him not to over plan. 
Help him to accept and embrace the new. 
Help him find an attitude of openness and acceptance. 
Help him invite new friends into his life. 
Help him invite new experiences into his life.


Help him to recognize himself. 
Help him to find his innocence. 
Help him to be sincere. 
Help him to see the politics of his mind. 
Help him to accept his nature. 
Help him to plan and scheme. 
Help him to manipulate situations and people. 
Help him to get what he wants. 
Help him to speak with a forked tongue. 
Help him to realize both faces are false. 
Help him to see the innocence as a mask. 
Help him to see the evil is toxic. 
Help him to see when he is having his way with someone. 
Help him to find his face. 
Help him to see the whole game as a lie. 
Help him to take a good look at himself. 
Help him to see if he has been playing the game. 
Help him to deal with the pain of realization. 
Help him to save himself. 
Help him to stop playing. 
Help him to see that it doesn't serve anyones interest. 
Help him to see that in the end it serves his interests least of all. 
Help him to see that what he might achieve in this way will just turn to dust. 
Help him to keep from pretending. 
Help keep him from being hypocritical. 
Help him see he needs more than cunningness. 
Help him see that he needs more than a facade. 
Help him to stop living a double life. 
Help him to find the back door. 
Help him to walk away from the false cultivation of faces and smiles. 
Help him to see his reality. 
Help him to stop dominating. 
Help him to make humanity stronger. 
Help him to take away the feeling of guilt. 
Help him to make it feel worthy. 
Help him to maintain the dignity of humanity. 
Help him to give glory unto man. 
Help him to save others from humiliation. 
Help him to kill his subtle ways of humiliating fellow human beings. 
Help him to see the big picture. 
Help him not to leave humiliation to others. 
Help him not to let others destroy themselves. 
Help him to stop slowly committing suicide.


Help him find his heart. 
Help him not to become depleted in his efforts. 
Help him to no longer need to fuel his self importance and productivity. 
Help him to see how enormous and ridiculous the machine is. 
Help him see how busy he is keeping it together. 
Help him to see how busy he is making sure everything runs smoothly. 
Help him remember how to rest. 
Help him to allow himself to be playful. 
Help him to abandon his duty. 
Help him to take a chance. 
Help him to see that the whole structure might not come tumbling. 
Help him to see that it is more than being a workaholic. 
Help him to see how he set up safe and unnatural routines for himself. 
Help him to see how this keeps the chaotic and spontaneous away from his doorstep. 
Help him to see that life is not a business to be managed. 
Help him to see the mystery in living. 
Help him to tear up the time card. 
Help him to break out of the factory. 
Help him to take a little trip into the uncharted. 
Help his cork to flow more smoothly. 
Help him to find a relaxed state of mind. 
Help him to see that he is living through conscience. 
Help him to see how hard he has become. 
Help him to ask why. 
Help him not to have some idea about how he is supposed to live. 
Help him to stop continuously carrying his character around himself. 
Help him to stop reacting to situations through character. 
Help him to react to situations directly. 
Help him to become less mechanical. 
Help him to become a man. 
Help him to become less predictable. 
Help him to act spontaneously. 
Help him to respond not react. 
Help him to open his heart to questions. 
Help him to expose himself to questions. 
Help him respond. 


Help him to find the last piece of his jigsaw puzzle. 
Help him to put things into place. 
Help him find his third eye. 
Help him to perceive from the inside. 
Help him to come to a point of completion. 
Help him through these moments. 
Help him to perceive the whole picture. 
Help him to see the composite of all the individual pieces occupying his attention. 
Help him to finish. 
Help him to keep from despair. 
Help him to be grateful. 
Help him to accept life's endings and new beginnings. 
Help him to see what has been absorbing his time and energy is now coming to an end. 
Help him to complete it. 
Help him to clear the space for something new to begin. 
Help him to use this interval to celebrate both the end and the beginning. 
Help him not to say things to their completion. 
Help him to understand. 
Help him to give an opportunity to the listener to complete it. 
Help him to find that all answers are incomplete. 
Help him to find the direction he has been given. 
Help him to reach the limit. 
Help him to know what will remain. 
Help him not to try to understand things intellectually. 
Help him to realize it is not an answer to the question. 
Help him to realize it is something more than an answer. 
Help him to see the indications of reality. 
Help him to find his consciousness. 
Help him to witness things which constitute the world. 
Help him to see that the mirror will remain and nothing will be in it.


Help us to dance. 
Help us not to depend on outside circumstance. 
Help us to keep from waiting for a special occasion. 
Help us to find true celebration. 
Help us to find joy. 
Help us to experience deep within ourselves laughter and tears of gratitude. 
Help us to spill into one another. 
Help us to become more available and open to opportunities to celebrate in life. 
Help us to spread our contagion to others. 
Help us not to bother about scheduling things. 
Help us to let our hair down. 
Help us to take our shoes off. 
Help us to start splashing in the puddles. 
Help us to see the celebrations surrounding us in every moment. 
Help us to enjoy life. 
Help us to make life fun. 
Help us to enter the temple. 
Help us not to go wrong. 
Help us not to think ourselves wise and clever. 
Help us get rid of our disease. 
Help us not to be too wise. 
Help us to always remember to stop. 
Help us to not go to the extreme. 
Help us to see that a little foolishness and a little wisdom is good. 
Help us make the right combination.
14th-Oct-2007 07:21 pm - In Exchange For What's Wanted

Help him to be on top of the world. 
Help him to join the whole world in celebrating his success. 
Help him to be willing to accept recent challenges. 
Help him to enjoy his ride on the tiger of success. 
Help him to welcome it. 
Help him to enjoy it. 
Help him to share his joy with others. 
Help him to remember that all parades have a beginning and end. 
Help him to keep the beginning and end in mind. 
Help him to squeeze every drop of juice out of the happiness he is experiencing now. 
Help him to be able to take the future as it comes with no regrets. 
Help him not to be tempted to hold on to abundant moments. 
Help him not to be tempted to coat things in plastic. 
Help him realize that nothing lasts forever. 
Help him to keep the greatest wisdom that this too shall pass. 
Help him to celebrate. 
Help him to continue riding the tiger. 
Help him to watch the waves. 
Help him to survive their wakes. 
Help him to enjoy both the wave and the hollow. 
Help him not to become addicted to one or the other. 
Help him not to say that he should always like to be successful. 
Help him to see that constant success is impossible. 
Help him to see the facts. 
Help him to see that one extreme will never happen. 
Help him find what to do. 
Help him not to see what is wrong with the valley. 
Help him not to see what is wrong with being low. 
Help him to relax. 
Help him see that he can not exist continuously in excitement.


Help him to receive and to give. 
Help him to create tremendous energy. 
Help him to shape the thunderbolt. 
Help him to find an individual quality. 
Help him to become part of the circle through unique contribution. 
Help him to see the unified and vital whole. 
Help him see that wholeness is a beautiful flower.
Help him to enhance each individual petal. 
Help him to see the opportunity he has to participate with others. 
Help him to make his contribution.
Help him to create something greater and more beautiful than each individual could manage alone. 
Help him to see that his participation will nourish him.
Help him contribute something precious to the whole. 
Help him to become aware of what is going on. 
Help him to see the evening coming. 
Help him to see the sunrise and its beauty. 
Help him to overcome his blindness. 
Help him to escape his small pond of misery. 
Help him not to struggle when being pulled out of his pond. 
Help him to be pulled out of his misery and suffering. 
Help him to accept the joy all around him. 
Help him to become a participant and not a spectator. 
Help him not to philosophize. 
Help him to participate in the night leaving, in the evening coming, in the stars, in the clouds. 
Help him to make his entire existence become joyous. 
Help him to live a life he could never have dreamed possible.
25th-Sep-2007 10:21 pm - Best Part of Today
I had a little boy tell me I was pretty while handing out orders in drive thru today. He was really young and it made me smile for a second before continuing to hand out their order.

I didn't even have makeup on so it was really nice to hear.
2nd-Aug-2007 03:21 pm - Me & My Hair

I have cut it all off. It is highlighted blond and very short now. I am getting used to it. I think it may grow on me. ;)
21st-Jul-2007 06:41 am - Great Thought
Lost love is still love. Memory becomes your partner. You hold it. You embrace it.  
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